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The difference of tourist areas in Rimini

  1. Tourist areas
  2. 1 Center of Rimini, Bellariva, San Giuliano Mare
  3. 2 Miramare, Rivazzurra, Marebello
  4. 3 rivabella
  5. 4 Viserba, Viserbella
  6. 5 Torre Pedrera
  7. 6 Bellaria, Igea Marina
  8. Memo to the tourist

On the Adriatic coast is the resort town of Rimini. Its sandy beaches stretch for 15 kilometers. It is not surprising that crowds of tourists stroll along the embankment in the evening, because there is a lot to turn around in this Italian town. At your service are spacious beaches, the most incendiary discos, ancient architectural structures, masterpieces of painting and many other attractions.

Tourist areas

Due to its length, the coast of Rimini is divided into six tourist "zones". If you come here to soak up the sand and swim in the sea, then there is no significant difference in which hotel to stay. In addition, at any time you can get on the bus and get to the city center and back. Consider the pros and cons of living in each "zone" (see their location on the map).

1 Center of Rimini, Bellariva, San Giuliano Mare

Compared with other areas, living here will cost more. Although it is very tempting, the center is the “hottest” tourist point on the coast, a beautiful place, ideal for evening walks, tours, shopping, discos and other entertainment. On the waterfront of San Giuliano Mare are the best fish restaurants, bars and cafes, and the prices are quite reasonable. You can also stroll to the marina of Rimini, and turning into a street del Fante, see the amazing building - a fisherman's hut, fully lined with shells. There is also a lighthouse built in the 18th century, 30 meters high, and a pier 200 meters long. The Malatesta Temple, the triumphal arch of the Emperor Augustus, the Tiberius Bridge, the Surgeon’s House - this is not a complete list of historically and architecturally interesting places located in the area.
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2 Miramare, Rivazzurra, Marebello

These areas are located south of Rimini and are very popular among tourists. All because of the convenient geographical location - areas are considered suburbs and from here you can easily and quickly reach the center. Also very close to the prestigious resort of Riccione. The beaches here are wide, in Marebello are constantly held folk holidays, entertainment near the water, wine tasting, etc. You can enjoy plenty of water slides, and in the evenings you can admire the fireworks. Great place to relax with the whole family.
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3 rivabella

The area located north of Rimini. On the one hand, it is very close to the city center (two kilometers), which will significantly save both money and time to travel there, but on the other, there is no place to “turn around” when swimming because of the artificial wall close to the shore. stones, which serves as protection from the waves. Among the main entertainments are “smooth dance evenings”, playing bowls on the sand, and tasting local alcoholic beverages. Also on the territory of this area there are two springs, the water of which, they say, has healing properties.
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4 Viserba, Viserbella

This is one of the most popular areas for evening walks along the promenade. The movement of cars at this time is blocked, and for vacationers - complete freedom of movement! In addition, on the waterfront there are a large number of shops - no need to go far to indulge in pleasant shopping. The tourist gem of this zone is the attraction “Italy in miniature”.
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5 Torre Pedrera

Economy option for the budget traveler. This area is relatively far from the center (seven kilometers), there are few sights here, and there’s really nothing to do - just a 2 km-long beach, and a real chill-out at pizzerias, restaurants and local boutiques.
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6 Bellaria, Igea Marina

The most "northern" areas. Here, those who are tired of city fuss will enjoy relaxing. The villages are small, calm, with very beautiful, peaceful landscapes. In addition, housing - the cheapest on the coast. But to get to the center of Rimini will be inconvenient, on the road there will have to spend about an hour. But in Bellaria itself there is something to see - here they spend the "Sangiovese Mollusk Festival".
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Memo to the tourist

Briefly about the main thing:
1. Beaches. In the northern regions of Rimini, the sea is calmer - there is protection from the waves. In the very center of the city and in the southern "zone" of Miramare, Rivazzurra, Marebello is not.
2. Prices. The most expensive cost of housing in the center or in homes that directly go to the sea. A more economical, but no less comfortable option is to stay in a hotel located in remote areas or in the second lane.
3. Sightseeing and entertainment. Be sure to visit the center! Here at every step are interesting architectural buildings, historical monuments, museums, shops, discos - all that is so necessary for the rest of any tourist. The most "quiet" areas: Viserba, Viserbella, Torre Pedrera and Bellaria.
4. Vacationers recommend. If you plan to live in the center of Rimini, then, according to reviews, you should especially look closely at such hotels: National hotel (4 stars), Le Rose Suite (4 stars), Stresa (3 stars).


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