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Roaming abroad from megaphone. Connect roaming from megaphone

  1. Tariffs and options
  2. How to connect
  3. Types of roaming
  4. Service connection
  5. National roaming connection rules
  6. Chat around the world
  7. Automatic service

When going on vacation or being abroad, many are wondering about the provision of a roaming service abroad by MegaFon. Of course, you can use tourist SIM cards or purchase a SIM card from a local operator, and you can continue to use own number even on vacation.

MegaFon subscribers have great opportunity solve this issue using the international roaming service. Gone are the days when roaming from MegaFon was expensive, today tariffs and options for international calls from the operator are among the most profitable in the market.

You can be sure that when traveling you will not be left without an international connection. Not only calls and SMS messages will be fully available, but also a mobile Internet package at the most attractive cost.

Tariffs and options

If we talk about tariffs for international communication , it means the tariff and the option MegaFon Around the World. When connected, the cost of calls from most popular countries will cost 13 rubles / min., And SMS message at 11 rubles apiece. Fans of the mobile Internet can additionally connect advantageous option Internet abroad or Vacation Online.

But abroad, it is not only distant countries, but also neighboring countries: Ukraine, Belarus, the CIS. When visiting them, you also need to remember to connect the option Around the World to enjoy the usual rhythm. mobile communication , being on a long-awaited vacation. In the CIS countries you will receive a particularly favorable cost of calls to both numbers local operators , and home. You can endlessly share your impressions and talk about interesting events, because with MegaFon it's cheap.

How to connect

So, intending to connect with international roaming from MegaFon:

  • Read the rates for communication services in the host country
  • Purchase a SIM card with a tariff plan or connect the option Around the World
  • If you need Internet options Internet abroad, leave online

Roaming is a communication service provided when a subscriber is located outside the MegaFon communication network .

Roaming action begins outside the Home region.

The roaming option can be connected to subscribers of all commercial and corporate tariff plans, except for the “Around the World” tariff plan. The validity of options is unlimited. The option is valid until the subscriber disconnects the service.

International roaming is a communication service provided when traveling around the world.

When in international roaming subscribers of tariff plans for individuals corporate tariff plans, under the option “All World” can take 30 free incoming minutes during a calendar day, regardless of use: within a single connection or a total of several connections. Starting from 31 minutes, all incoming calls until the end of the day will be charged according to the roaming tariffs of the host country. This option does not work in conjunction with other options that modify the cost of calls in international roaming;

To view connected roaming packages, dial: * 105 * 530 #

"All World""All Russia"The cost of connecting the service is

30 rubles. 30 rub. Subscription fee 25 rubles per day 5 rubles per day Drivers from all numbers The first 30 minutes 0 rubles. , from the 31st minute 0 rub. Outgoing calls to Russian numbers According to the roaming tariff of the host country, 3 rub./min. SMS to any mobile numbers Russia According to the roaming tariff of the host country 3 rubles / SMS Team to connect * 131 * 1 # * 548 * 1 #

For many modern people, frequent trips have become the norm. Excursions, tourism, business trips - all this is now commonplace. And everyone wants to stay on the trip in touch to call their relatives if necessary.

But not all operators offer their subscribers high-quality roaming around the world. Megafon is one of the few who provides its customers with the ability to connect this service to favorable terms . Roaming allows subscribers to use all the functions of the phone, even if it is outside their region or country.

Types of roaming

If you want to connect roaming, you should know that it is of two types:

  • National;
  • international.

Each type of roaming in turn is divided into several variants of tariff plans. This is done in order to provide subscribers with all the possibilities of modern communication or disable certain services, which allows you to save money on business trips and travels.

Service connection

To connect roaming you can use several options. The easiest, most convenient and fast is to visit the site Megafon. Operator service allows customers to select for themselves the most best option taking into account additional options. The service connects instantly.

National roaming connection rules

To connect national roaming Megaphone need to go to home page and select the appropriate item. In the drop-down box, click on "Journey to Russia." After that you will be taken to the page where all tariff plans are registered. They can be sorted according to your needs. For example, you can sort by city (where you will go). Also, you can enter the necessary parameters in a search engine, after which the system will automatically select the best option.

After carrying out the procedure described above, Megafon website will show the rates for calls, traffic, etc. If you want to save, then it is worth exploring the prices of an additional plan. In this case, you must select additional features . For right choice It is necessary to compare each item, prices, prices for additional services. After you have chosen which roaming you will use, you will need to connect it.

To activate the service you need:

  1. Return to the main page of the section and select the appropriate tariff.
  2. Re-read the terms of service.
  3. Pick up additional options (if they are needed).
  4. Click the "Connect" button.

Then a new window will appear where you need to enter the number and act in accordance with the instructions.

Fees have specific team connections using SMS or USSD code (they are placed below in the special fields). After sending the corresponding request, after a few minutes roaming from Megaphone will be connected to your phone. Now you can use it outside your region.

Chat around the world

If you are planning to go abroad and want to activate the service from Megaphone, then the algorithm of actions practically does not change. The only difference is that the “Traveling around the World” item is selected, and then the fare is also determined according to the country where you will be going.

Automatic service

It should be noted that the company Megafon in most cases connects all types of roaming in auto mode . The subscriber does not need to carry out any additional actions, since the cellular communication itself determines the location of the subscriber and includes this service.

However, it is worth noting that automatic connection uses the most expensive tariff plans by default. Therefore, if you plan to go somewhere, it is better to independently connect the tariff you need to save money, because conversations abroad are always more expensive than in your own region.

The topic of roaming is one of the most burning for both mobile subscribers and operators. The big three players - “MegaFon”, “Beeline”, MTS - over the past year have significantly intensified in this segment, releasing a number of interesting proposals.

In order to commit profitable calls the above mentioned mobile operator has a number of tariff plans. In particular: “Distant Countries”, “Travel Minute Packages”, “Preferential Roaming”, “Vacation Online” option and “Around the World” option.

The option “Far countries” for 9 rubles per day allows you to reduce the cost of incoming calls when the subscriber is in European countries. With the service connected, the cost of incoming calls will be 6 rubles per minute. To connect, you need to dial the command * 105 * 760 # call (connection is paid and is 30 rubles).

The next service - “Packages of minutes for travel” provides the ability to use 100 outgoing calls in Europe (* 105 * 765 # call) or 30 minutes to make calls to any part of the world (* 105 * 766 #) for 990 rubles.

It is necessary to note one more service, which is called “Euro tariff” (see the official site http://moscow.megafon.ru/roaming/world/?country=1012554#worldzone). It allows you in Europe to receive incoming calls at a price of 6 rubles per minute, to make outgoing calls, as subscribers of the host country, and subscribers of Russia at a price of 16 rubles a minute and send SMS messages at a price of 6 rubles.

Roaming with MegaFon
Roaming with MegaFon

The service “Preferential roaming” from “MegaFon” allows you to make outgoing phone calls to numbers of Russian operators for 25 rubles per minute. All incoming calls are charged as 15 rubles a minute. In addition, one SMS-message - 7 rubles, Mobile Internet - 7 rubles / 100 kilobytes. Activation of the service is paid (* 369 * 1 # call) and amounts to 100 rubles.

If the mobile Internet is needed when the subscriber is in roaming, MegaFon has the “Online-leave” service. Through it, it becomes possible to use the Internet at the usual price of 7 rubles per 1 MB, being in many countries of the Baltic, CIS and Europe. Connection costs 10 rubles (* 104 * 2 # call).

It should be noted that MegaFon has complete solution which will allow subscribers to reduce the cost of cellular communication while being abroad. It is called "Around the World" and provides the following features:

In Europe, CIS countries, Turkey, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, accept incoming calls at a price of 6 rubles per minute and make outgoing calls to any numbers at the same price. SMS cost - also 6 rubles;
- In Australia, Vietnam, Egypt, Israel, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Japan to accept incoming calls at a price of 9 rubles a minute and make outgoing calls to any numbers at the same price. The cost of an SMS is also 9 rubles;
- In the Dominican Republic, Canada, Cuba, Maldives, Mexico, Singapore, USA, Tunisia, Sri Lanka and other countries to receive incoming calls at a price of 36 rubles a minute and make outgoing calls to any numbers at the same price. SMS cost is 16 rubles.

It should be noted that the connection (* 105 * 708 # call) is paid and amounts to 15 rubles. Besides, this service It has subscription fee - 9 rubles per day.

Roaming service from Beeline

Last in the list cellular operator remains "Beeline" ("VimpelCom"). For roaming services this company through the official site itself counts for subscribers necessary services that need to connect to reduce the cost of cellular communication.

So, in order to determine the appropriate tariff, you should go to the following link http://mobile.beeline.ru/msk/roaming/index.wbp. Then in the window (for Russia or for the rest of the world) enter the name of a particular country (city). After that, the subscriber is given specific instructions about what tariff plan need to connect.
MTS tariffs,

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